Buying Off Grid is a website dedicated to teaching you how to avoid the common mistakes people make when moving from the city to the country. Analyzing and purchasing off grid property, remote country property, or back country homestead property requires knowledge not usually learned by purchasing property in the city or in a suburb.
Buying Off Grid does not sell real property. Buying Off Grid is designed by someone with the heart of a teacher and a desire to educate you in how to avoid the pitfalls in purchasing all types of rural real estate.
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Are You…
1. Concerned about your family’s security?
2. Desiring to escape the city’s crime and pollution?
3. Want to be independent of of the electrical power grid?
4. Wanting to be more self-sufficient?
5. Looking for a better quality of life?
We Can Help!
1. We have been where you are!
2. Learn how to have peace and security!
3. Exchange where you are for where you want to be!
4. Let us guide you to off grid living!
5. Your journey starts now!